mother friendly care hospital

How A Mother Friendly Care Hospital Benefits You

Mother Friendly BirthIf you’re looking for a memorable birthing experience, choose a hospital that is “Mother Friendly”. This distinction means that many different standards are in place to ensure that mom, baby, and family have a positive and safe experience. Read on to learn more about what’s so unique about our Mother Friendly Care Hospital.

The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS)


The CIMS is a group of professionals and organizations dedicated to improving the well being of mothers, infants, and families. They specifically focus on the birth and breastfeeding maternity experience.

The reason why this organization was formed is because they recognized the need to improve perinatal death rates in the United States, specifically in certain populations. It is their mission to help facilities ensure quality care to every mother and infant, regardless of their insurance coverage, age, or socioeconomic status.


Principles Practiced in a Mother Friendly Care Hospital


We place a high importance on looking at birth as a natural and normal part of life. Both mom and baby already have the instincts they need for a successful birthing event. Our belief is that mom can give birth in either a facility or at home, and that a midwife is a valuable asset to maternal care.

The prenatal, delivery, and postpartum phases greatly affect a woman and her significant others. Therefore, it is our priority to help moms feel empowered, confident, and capable.

The freedom to make choices is one of the greatest aspects of the Mother-Friendly birthing experience. We want both mom and family to feel cared for, safe, and well informed. Regardless of a woman’s age or financial status, she can expect to receive the tools and resources necessary to deliver a healthy baby.

We believe that unnecessarily subjecting mom and/or baby to unproven medical tests is not in anyone’s best interest. That is why any necessary medical testing we recommend is evidence-based and scientifically backed.


What Your Birthing Experience Could Be Like


A Mother-Friendly Care Hospital offers moms the ability to make choices that feel best for her, her baby, and her family. This might include the choice to give birth in our hospital with unlimited family members by her side. This emotional support can make all the difference in keeping mom calm and focused on delivering a healthy, happy baby. Moms can also invite a doula, midwife, or birthing coach to accompany her during delivery.

Mom doesn’t have to worry about being coerced into having an IV, being injected with labor hormones, or having her amniotic sac manually ruptured. Some practices such as these can have a direct and negative affect on birthing outcomes, and are not routinely used. See our website for a full list.

Unlike other hospitals that restrict a mother’s food and water intake as soon as she is admitted, we allow our laboring moms to eat and drink as they wish. We also encourage moms to move around freely throughout the labor process. Additionally, mothers can lie in any comfortable position for delivery rather than requiring that they lie in a face up position on their back.


Our birthing center is proud to follow the principles laid out by the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative. We pride ourselves on giving each woman, infant, and family a safe, exceptional birthing experience from beginning to end. Learn more about our center by calling us today to schedule a tour.